About the Album


This is from memory and I’m sure much is wrong.  I feel like, Al, I recorded another song there, but I can’t remember if it was Firecracker, Liquid Reality, or Nevermind Me.  And Dylan, I know I re-recorded what I did at your place, but maybe I did a third vocal there that I’m not remembering.  Finally, Larry, I’m not sure what your studios are called.  

All songs written, sung, and co-produced by Amy Arena.
All songs produced and performed by Ed Clare*
* Crashing produced itself as explained in the lyrics
* Believe performed and produced by Jeremy Ellis, vocals recorded at Rustbelt Studios
* Liquid Reality co-produced with Jeremy Ellis
* Acoustic guitar on Ashes, Crashing, and Nevermind Me by Lance Alan recorded at Defined Sound Recordings
* Blue Jay inspired by guitar by Ian Tattenham, which we sampled
* Percussion for Crashing recorded at Brother Angel Studios performed by Larry Fratangelo
* Drums for Blue Jay and Ashes recorded at Brother Angel Studios performed by Skeeto Valdez
* Strange Behavior first written with guitarist, Ray Urena
* Vocals for Crashing and Ashes recorded at Great Oz Media
* Tambourine for Mind’s Eye performed by Eric Hoagemeyer
Serious gratitude to Al Sutton at Rustbelt Studios for mixing Dylan Koski-Budabin at Defined Sound Recordings (www.definedsoundrecordings.com) for mastering.
You are all a Godsend.  Or hell-bound.  I’m not altogether sure.